Government Job Types Group A, B, C, AND D ?

Types of government employees; what are group A, B, C, and D government jobs?

Government jobs in India are one of the most in-demand career options available out there. At this time, it is one of the best career opportunities for a student to be a government employee, it brings a lot of respect because of its high entry-level salaries. Today, the Indian youth is attracted towards government jobs not only challenges and targets they bring with them. To get into a government job, an individual needs to go through various competitive exams in which lakhs of people participate and fight for limited seats.

The Indian government separates the public employees into many group rankings, these groups are shared into various levels. This classification is related to the rank, and the degree of the level of responsibility attached to the posts:

  1. Group-A employees (Gazetted): levels 15-20
  2. Group-B employees (Gazetted/non Gazetted ): levels 6-9 (non-Gazetted), levels 10-14 (Gazetted)
  3. Group-C and D employees: levels 1-5
  4. HAG: 7th CPC pay levels 15-18


Group-A is ranked highest in terms of appointment and authority whereas, group C&D is ranked lowest. It should be well known that the wages scale is widely variable to the type of government.

Group A Employees: people who get appointed into this group are officials and are employed at various managerial positions across governments which are one of the highest available jobs. For instance: commissioned officers for the IAF, AIS, Bureaucrats, Scientists in the organizations like DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, BARC, And central India civil services ( IAS, IRS, IPS, IFS).

The basic pay scale of the officials appointed in the group- A can range anywhere between Rs  37,400 to Rs 90,000 depending upon the administration.


Group-B (Gazetted officers) Employees: the authority of a group-B gazette officer is similar to that of a group A officer. For example, SCS (state civil services) to name a couple of positions under group B.

The basic pay scale of the officers selected under group B can range between Rs 15,600 to 39,100 or more depending upon the administration.

Group-B (Non- Gazetted) Employees: The basic difference between the gazette and non-gazetted employees of the government is that the former can authorize the issuance of official government stamps whereas, the latter cannot. The officers have many administrative roles. Employees working in public sector undertakings (PSU) and national banks fall under the category along with office supervisors, state inspectors, etc.

All the basic pay scale ranges depending upon the pay band of the administration.

Group-C & D

Group-C & D Employees:  these are the public servants who are posted in various non-supervisory roles. Although, the candidates working at these places, just like most of the different positions in the sector issued by the government can be promoted to higher levels. Individuals working at these positions. These candidates have usually selected via the SSC (staff selection commission) entrance examination. Mostly the government staff fall in this category. For instance: section heads, clerks, assistants, typists, telephone operators, etc are some of the prominent government jobs in the group.

Group D is the bottom of the government. Previously in the 6th pay commission pay scales, these groups of employees were in the pay band of Rs5200-20200 grade pay Rs 1800. Peon, cleaner, Driver, guard barber, etc.

The 7th pay commissions are a type of merging of the Group- C and D so that they can come in the same pay band. Apart from that, the jobs are still as they were still a significant difference the between the basic pay of a group D employee and a group C employee. The starting take-home salary of a group – C employee ranges between Rs 18,000 to 29,200.


the higher official grades are ‘higher administrative grades’. Pay matrix levels 15 to 18 are the HAG scale with starting basic salary above Rs. 182200 in 7th pay commission recommended for band pay Rs. 67000-79000, 75500-80000, and 90000 as there is no grade pay HAG scale in six pay commission HAG scale pay band 67000-70000.

Most probably all of the government officers who are in group-A are recruited by the public service commission in India to start their career at the pay level of 10 and then get promoted.


In conclusion, after a deep study on the topic of what are group A, B, C, and D Government job types. It covers the objective which I have set ( complete information about what are group A, B, C, and D. how it works and what type of jobs are these. the government jobs are also known as an evergreen career option.

I have observed that there are various types of government jobs in India at various pay levels. before applying your need to know all the details about group A, B, C, &D categories of government jobs.

You can search for the latest jobs in all state–wise on websites also. You can immediately know the new and upcoming 12th pass government jobs in various popular cities like new Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata Pune, etc.ll these job opportunities are provided by the government for the employers.

 From all this information I came to know that government jobs are the best jobs in a country which provides a candidate better life. In government jobs, family life is being secured after getting a government job the officer gets a place to live and a proper lifestyle. Government officers get the opportunity to provide their children with a good educational organization at a low cost. In simple words, the government group’s A, B, C, AND D are used to classify the employees according to their nature of work, seniority in the department, etc. government jobs always provide the best facilities to its employees. I believe these jobs are one of the best jobs for being well-settled in India, governments jobs are like the dream job because of government facilities.

You may refer to this video if you want the explanation in Hindi

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